JHT Planning is an urban transportation planning consultancy providing services in an array of transport related initiatives. My approach is to understand your project needs and work with you to deliver context tailored solutions. Whether you require project support with technical analysis, or require specialist advice at critical phases in the project, I’m here to collaborate with you to deliver solutions that benefit the needs of communities and customers.


Transportation Planning

Development of plans identifying transportation problems, generating solutions, and evaluating alternatives through scenario planning and public collaboration

Spatial Analysis

Creation, management, and visualization of data for analyzing transportation networks and urban areas.

Travel Demand Modeling

Application of traffic software capable of analyzing transportation system performance.

Data Visualization

Design and illustration of maps, graphics, and visual content for urban planning and transportation documents.

Analytical Studies and Research

Identification and collection of data to determine associations between variables, research of best practices in transportation, and research and testing of big data as applied in practice.


Over a decade of planning projects. In that time I've been lucky enough to work on a range of projects in cities like Austin, Dallas, Kissimee, and more.

Woodruff Road Origin-Destination Study

Application of Origin-Destination Data

Dallas CityMAP

Technical Analysis

Austin Strategic Mobility Plan

Scenario Planning


JHT Planning was formed to provide a unique service to clients on transportation and urban planning projects by offering a service of contracting to help you complete your project efficiently. As a contracting service, I'm here to offer assistance when projects need additional support. I produce quality products for a range of urban planning and transportation projects. My goal is to provide you with senior level advice which is simple and concise to enable you to make informed decisions.

I've spent over 10 years working in the transportation and urban planning field on a diverse range of projects across the United States. By working in the public and private sectors I've gained significant and valuable experience understanding clients needs and requirements.

It's an exciting time in transportation planning as we have an opportunity to capitalize on innovative technologies that are changing the way we plan transport, develop transportation documents, and think about the future of personal mobility within our cities. Now is the time to work towards integrating into guiding transportation documents the evolution of urban mobility currently unfolding and its likely impacts on the transportation system. There are critical questions that must be addressed that will alter how we currently put into practice transportation recommendations.

To bridge the gap between today's reality and a highly uncertain future, we must be poised to work across the landscape of transport industry professionals and to acknowledge that no one knows the full scope and magnitude of the changes to come in urban mobility.

Understanding the ecosystem of travel and the patterns that describe our travel behavior is crucical for future planning. To achieve this, insight into travel characteristics through the use of quality data is critical.

I'm a member of the American Planning Association and a Certified Planner (AICP).

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